Monday, December 21, 2009

Latest book

I just got a proof of the latest book I've illustrated and it looks great. It contains five poem/stories including the title story, the tale of a musical mouse.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

So long Dan...

It's not every day you lose someone you spent twenty years in space with. That's Dan O'Bannon I'm glaring at in this scene from Dark Star. We were never close, even though we did share a very cozy control room on that space ship. Nevertheless, I was always impressed with his talents, which ran deep in a various directions. I remember reading an interview where he described watching an early screening of Dark Star in which the audience wasn't laughing. It upset him that they didn't realize it was a comedy so he set out to scare the crap out of them instead...and wrote Alien. That worked! I'm obviously glad that Dark Star came to find cult status over time. Dan's name should always be mentioned in the same breath as John Carpenter when Dark Star is mentioned. I have no doubt that when I die Dan will be waiting to torment me with a rubber chicken once again. He was that kind of guy.