Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sniffananda Speaks

Swami Sniffananda, a fully dog-realized being, appeared at Meher Baba's birthday celebration and shared wisdom from his spiritual opus, Dog Speaks. A howling good time was had by all.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Bernie 2016 Ship of State

I posted this cartoon on Facebook a few days ago. It's viral popularity inspired a number of products such as these that are available on my online store

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Swami From New Jersey

The Swami From New Jersey laid down some wisdom today with the help of his New York Wisdom Cards at DeLaMontanya Winery in Healdsburg. Good food, good wine, good times.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Twice upon a TWICE UPON A TIME

Over thirty years after the release of TWICE UPON A TIME (a Korty Films/Lucasfilms production) Warner Bros is on the verge of re-releasing the animated film on DVD. I was flown down to the San Diego Comic Con where I spoke on the Warner Bros panel. I was the Supervising Animator and a Sequence Director on the film lo those many years ago. True to its name, here it comes again. Shot in a stop-motion, 2D, back-lit, cut-out style it is unique in many ways.

It has been many years since I was a guest at the Comic Con and it has grown into a monstrous event that engulfs a section of the city. One of the best things about being there is the opportunity to see old friends such as MAD Magazine's Sergio Aragones.

Thursday, July 02, 2015


Secret Agent 7 is the latest in a series of ridiculous adventures by James Guyette, saving the day once again with duct tape: featuring Obama, the Clintons, Bush and a tornado of a kid resolving the Iranian nuclear crisis. Other DADDY DUCT TAPE books are available on Amazon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Radio interview

I was interviewed on the radio last week on the topic of making a difference with humor. I had a great time until I tried to drive out of Oakland at rush hour. Let's just say it taxed my sense of humor. I'm back with the cows now in Sonoma County and feeling better.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Once more into the fray with cartooning classes at the Schulz Museum. During my Cartoon Safari class yesterday I became aware that none of the young children in my class knew what a safari is. Is this normal? I think I was born to go on safari. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dark Earth

“Don’t give me that intelligent life crap. Just find me something I can blow up!” When those words came out of Lt. Doolittle’s mouth in John Carpenter’s DARK STAR it seemed to capture so much of our foreign policy, not to mention our treatment of the environment.

Recent footage of dolphins stranding themselves (energetically) on the beaches of Barbados leads to an educated assumption that they are committing suicide as the result of being deafened by manmade acoustic assaults. A deaf dolphin is doomed to a grisly end at the hands of predation and/or starvation. “What in the world could deafen them?” you might ask. Aside from naval sonar blasts there is a worldwide underwater acoustic assault that is the product of extensive oil exploration. Ships trolling for oil deposits emit loud blasts and analyze the acoustic return in order to find deposits. The result is an auditory assault of unparalleled magnitude.

It’s not like the Koch brothers wake up in the morning plotting the deaths of sea creatures. It is merely the side effect of their corporate activities. They have to put up with the occasional protestations of pesky “environmentalists”, but at the end of the day profit motives rule.

The mission of the scout ship DARK STAR was to make space travel safe by blowing up unstable planets. It will be a dark Earth if we don’t stop blowing up this formerly stable planet. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Turban to Turban II

Big fun last night in Mt View as Warren Peace opened with his canine poetry for another turban to turban match up with the Swami From New Jersey and Swami Beyondananda (along with a surprise appearance by the feathered pundit Glenn Beak of Fax News).

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I am always coming with ideas for books, complete with titles and cover concepts. The problem is I would have to live on Red Bull and no sleep to actually write them all. Today it happened again.

While pondering the homicidal rage of ISIS and other extreme Muslim groups my mind wandered off into Christianity. There I found the bloody crusades, the Inquisition and the Salem witch burnings. And of course we have recently seen our Jewish brethren bombing the hell out of school children in Gaza.

All this got me thinking about the role of religious dogma in the manifestation of slaughter. Coming from a Christian background I think back to early days in church. The only concrete memory I have is the weekly singing of "Onward Christian soldier...marching as to war....with the cross of Jesus...marching on before..." Now there's a set up.

The Hopi Prophesy foretold of the return of the White Corn People. It was said that they would have taken the Hopi symbol apart. The Hopi symbol entails a cross within a circle. The spokes of the cross represent the out-flowing energy of the male while the surrounding circle represents the containing energy of the female. When the conquistadors came marching across the desert for the first time with their swords and muskets a padre led the way, holding a standard cross (without the circle around it). I can only imagine the abject horror back on Oraibi Mesa when the scout made his report. Big trouble coming, of a Christian kind.

A few years ago I read about an incident in Mexico where someone had stolen money from the church. The thief was apprehended by a local mob and beaten to death as the police struggled unsuccessfully to intervene. When the crowd dispersed the dead body hung from the church fence alongside candles and crucifixes. Mind you, this is the Roman Catholic Church we're talking about. It got me to thinking about the Roman part. In many ways it seems like we have been modeling the behavior of the Romans as much, or more, than that of Jesus.

The violent accounts of current Muslim extremist groups does not need further mention. It speaks for itself. And I know many Jews are appalled by the behavior of the government of Israel. I am left to create the next cover for the next book I will probably never write.

However, I may eventually accumulate enough of these book covers to create a book of book covers. Perhaps later down the line, long after I'm gone, some ambitious writers will come along and fill them in. Until then....