Friday, June 27, 2008

Another successful safari

This year's Cartoon Safari at the Charles M. Schulz Museum got off to a great start with the added Zulu zip of Baba Shibambo who agreed to bring drums and marimba for the kids to play. You can even catch a glimpse on YouTube. Just type CARTOON SAFARI into the search window and get ready to boogie!

You can hear more of Baba Shibambo at:

Friday, June 13, 2008

What do you know, it IS rocket science!

It's time once again for the Union of Concerned Scientists to put together their 2009 calendar to celebrate government interference in scientific research. Last year my cartoon made it onto the February page. Here's one of my entries for this year.

NEWS FLASH! UPDATE! This cartoon has been chosen as a finalist! That means I will have a whole page one month next year and I'll soon announce the web site to go to and vote. If I get the most votes of the twelve finalists this cartoon will appear on the cover of the calendar and I will be flown to Washington DC. Get ready to vote soon!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

50% of Narelles

In 1898 my grandmother adopted the name Narelle as a stage name, having been inspired by tales of "Queen Narelle" of the Moruya tribe of aboriginals on the southeast coast of Australia, near where my grandmother (and father) grew up. 110 years later there appear to be only four Narelles left (by name): being my brother and his wife, my niece Nina and myself. Nina's recent visit to the Bay Area brought half of all the Narelles together for a less than massive reunion. (It was a great visit. Just not massive.)